The Owl Lady :)

The Owl Lady :)
#Okay , salam , hye My name syaheifa zehra :) you may call me Dany . Im sweetseventeen ;D live in selangor but act I came from Penang ;) okay I dont mind who you're . Gay , Lesbo , Pondan or whatever . Im okay with it :) seriously ♥ I dont care , as long I can be your friend thats fine enough :) Im so friendly , warm , talkactive and lilttle bit hyperactive :P haha okay thats all ;D thanks for read sweety . ohh yeah one moree thing , IM , WTW are allowed , yeah :D single not avaible thats me ♥ Ijust only have a fake relay , real relay just for my future :') i just wondering who is he :/

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holden Nowell :)

hey guys :D harini nak post pasal someone yang urghhhh :P urmm haha gila punya ... ntah lah , sexyyy man xD yg ada bnyk ketul-I emas xD meltingggg gila , nama dia Holden Nowell :D adore T.T but his gay -..-" what ever Im stil in love :* hehehe , aku kenal mamat ni pun dalam lagu CALL ME MAYBE :D so cute ittle dog hahaha :D
gay ! bodoh T.T dah lah melt dengan kau ! hergh sabar je lah :')

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